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Amir Williams

Amir Williams, who voiced Mack over the final two seasons of Daria.

Amir Williams (born 14 September 1971) is an actor who voiced the part of Mack Mackenzie on the MTV animated series Daria.

Williams was born in Yonkers, New York. As an actor, his first part on television was in A Different World. He would have small parts on other television series.

Williams would replace Kevin Daniels at the end of Season 3 and voice the role of Mack from the beginning of Season 4 in Partner's Complaint to the end of the series with Is It College Yet? Despite the fact that Amir Williams voiced the part of Mack longer than any other voice actor, little is known about him.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) lists Is It Fall Yet? as his most recent known role, and states that he is sometimes credited as Amir "Nicky" Williams, Amir Jamal Williams, or Jamal Williams.

The New York Times and the Internet Movie Database both note a role on at least one episode of the television series New York Undercover, and on the soap opera All My Children.