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God Save The Esteem

Daria suffering the existence of punks, specifically Spike ("Ill")

God Save The Esteem is an alternate universe fanfic series by Charles RB, spinning out of discussion in the Iron Chef: Modern Day Daria thread. Add all 42 'episodes' and the Sideways In Time sub-series together, and you get a fic that's 259,000 words long (dear oh dear...).

The series has Daria arriving in Lawndale in 2010 - as a result of the timeline change, Helen and Jake were not hippies but instead were part of the hardcore punk scene. In this timeline, they never stopped being punks and "Killer" Quinn has been raised in their image - Daria, to their disappointment, dresses and acts mostly like she does on the show. They are, however, supportive of her sullen and questioning attitude, causing her to be more comfortable with herself and her family.

Brian Taylor's fanfic Moving Pictures, which spun out of the same Iron Chef thread, takes place in the same "punkverse" as the Esteem series and tells the tale of a teenage Amy and the Barksdales, right as their family started to disintegrate.

A fanart of Killer Quinn was created by Quiverwing in late December 2010, followed by a punk "Dire Daria" in June 2011 and "Punklings" in July.


Main series

  • Ep 1: God Save The Esteem (FF.net; PPMB I, II, and III): Crude, rude, bad attitude, and messily eating food - and that's just Jake! The Morgendorffers come to Lawndale, while Daria watches all with detached amusement.
  • Ep 2: Fight For Your Invite To Party (PPMB, FF.net): Brittany's throwing a party - Quinn's not invited, but is preparing to crash it and make some noise. Daria is tasked to back up her little sis and has to face her greatest horror, actually meeting her classmates.
  • Ep 3: Family Devalued (PPMB, FF.net): The extended family is coming to town, with Aunt Amy investigating a local legend and Erin and Brian moving in... and then there's the reason why Jake wants both girls out of the house that Friday...
  • Ep 4: Melody Power To The People (PPMB, FF.net): Daria's fed up with the draconian rule at school, and a comment by Mr. O'Neill inspires her to take action. After a clash with the far-right Jodie, the incident inspires Daria to write Melody Powers. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Ep 5: And The Mall Won (PPMB, FF.net): The Mall of the Millennium is dying on its feet in the recession, but thanks to bribes Daria's class have a field trip there whether they like it or not. Pity the trip coincides with one of Jake's more creative bits of consulting...
  • Ep 6: Model Students (PPMB, FF.net): With the Amazon Modeling Agency in town, Daria is considered too dangerous (and sarcastic) to be allowed in school. While her mother fights the suspension, Daria decides to use her spare time productively: forcing Brian to do actual work!
  • Ep 7: I Am A Scientist (PPMB, FF.net): When Daria is forced to work with Kevin on a science project, rumours start to spread that she's visiting him for... other reasons. Can Daria's sarcasm get her through this one?
  • Ep 8: Eff Christmas (PPMB, FF.net): Christmas is coming to Lawndale, and with it the annual Morgendorffer Christmas party. Daria's got a bigger problem though: trying to date Tom, and the inevitable horror of him meeting her parents... (Includes several 'Moving Pictures' scenes)
  • Ep 9: Pop Cult (PPMB, FF.net): Daria faces a waking nightmare when she has to babysit the Gupty children, but that's nothing compared to Helen's: having to sell out.
  • Ep 10: Hell Is Other Parents (PPMB, FF.net): Tom's parents have decided it'd be a nice idea if they got together with the Morgendorffers. With no way to prevent the atrocity, Daria and Tom are going to have to find a way to escape before it's too late...
  • Ep 11: Ridin' Slowly (PPMB, FF.net): Thanks to Jake, Mystik Spiral have got their first Alternapalooza gig - now they just have to get there. On time. Can Daria and her parents make this impossible task merely an implausible one?!
  • Ep 12: Misery, Clicked (PPMB, FF.net): Daria, along with the school's other malcontents, come under suspicion from Li when she discovers the Lawndale Leaks website. Will Daria be found out? And will everything be sorted out in time for the visit of Tommy Sherman?
  • Ep 13: Art of Darkness (PPMB, FF.net): A statewide art competition is announced, and Jane Lane's sick imagination is unleashed upon the world! Unfortunately, so is something worse: renewed conflict between Helen and Grandma Barksdale.
  • Ep 14: Splatoon (PPMB, FF.net}: Feeling threatened by the relationship between Daria and Tom, Sandi rallies together the queen bees of the school to put Daria in her place. Unfortunately for them, they're idiots.
  • Ep 15: Kneel Before Zon (PPMB, FF.net): The Maleficent Eleven are looking for a fight. The Sloane siblings are looking for a solution. Awesomely Amy is looking for anything good enough for Sick, Sad World. The Lawndale PD are looking to see if they can fix their image. Upchuck is looking for porn fodder. Where will they find these things? Why, at The Zon of course!
  • Ep 16: Wedding Hell (PPMB, FF.net): Erin and Brian's big day has finally arrived! With so many combustible elements inside the walls of the Windsor Hills Resort, it's only a matter of time until it all blows up...
  • Ep 17: Bits and Pierces (PPMB, FF.net): Jake and Helen are shocked and dismayed when they find out that their old friends the Yeagers have gone corporate! Can they convince Dingo and Willow to return to the ways of tripling bodily fluids instead of profit margins before it's too late?
  • Ep 18: A Gran Day Out (PPMB, FF.net): With her relationship with her immediate family at an all-time low, Daria is ditching school to go to Grandma Barksdale's for the day. And Tom is coming along too! It all seems harmless enough, but one can't help but wonder if Grandma has an ulterior motive...
  • Ep 19: Shock Of The New Kid (PPMB, FF.net): Worlds collide when Quinn, Andrea and Spike join the yearbook team (it makes sense in context) and meet Ted. Will Ted's naivety drive Quinn to the point that a well-placed headbutt may be required? Will they instead try to mould him into their one of their own? And will Erin be able to go one day without puking on someone?
  • Ep 20: Bearing Gifts (PPMB, FF.net): Judgment day is looming for Daria, as she must decide whether to stay in Lawndale with her family or transfer to Fielding on Grandma Barksdale's dime. Either way, the decision she makes will change her relationships forever...
  • Ep 21: Good Sports (PPMB, FF.net): In an attempt to stick it to The Man... er... Ms. Morris, Jane tries out for the athletics team... and makes it! Meanwhile, Jake and Helen try to bond with Daria... by being normal and sharing an interest in her hobbies?
  • Ep 22: Anarchy in the Lawn-D (PPMB, FF.net): Daria turns whistleblower on the Lawndale High grade-fixing scam, earning the ire of Ms. Li, her lawyers (including the magnificent bastard himself, Jim Vitale) and pretty much the entire student body, as well as heroic adulation from her family. And it all builds up to an ending you'll be telling your children about...
  • Ep 23: Week Can Be Heroes (PPMB, FF.net): Spend a week with the good people of Lawndale as they return to normal life after the apoca-Li-pse.
  • Ep 24: Write in the Nads (PPMB, FF.net): Now under O'Neill's new regime, Lawndale High re-opens with the arrival of several new teachers... including Ken Edwards, who is making his class write about 'romantic awakenings'. Will anyone twig what he's really asking? Can Daria survive having to examine her deepest feelings, areas she's not familiar with? And what is it about Cindy that makes her so gosh darn adorable?
  • Ep 25: Exam Nation (PPMB, FF.net): After discovering that grade averages are critically low, Principal O'Neill starts student-to-student tutoring sessions. And Daria has been tasked with helping not only Kevin, but The Maleficent Eleven (hey, accidental rhyme)! Will all the pain and suffering be worth the $15 she got for taking the position? No.
  • Ep 26: Quaran-Tommed (PPMB, FF.net): Daria joins Tom, Angier, Kay and Elsie in going to The Cove, where she becomes the target of the extended Sloane family's superiority complexes. Meanwhile, Erin is introduced to Buzzdome's new intern... Jodie Landon!
  • Ep 27: Live Fast Die Old (PPMB, FF.net): The students of Lawndale High are set loose upon the public when Principal O'Neill embraces his inner Li and starts the Awareness of Others volunteer program. Lawndale never saw it coming... Tom, meanwhile, adjusts to life back at Fielding.
  • Ep 28: Punk Takes A Holiday (PPMB, FF.net): Things take a turn for the excessively bizarre when the physical manifestations of Saint Patrick's Day and Cupid seek out Daria to help round up some rogue holidays. (Yeah, we went there.)
  • Ep 29: Daria's High Score (PPMB, FF.net): Daria and Tom tried to lose themselves in homework and snark, but ended up losing something else... their virginity! Will The Morgendorffers celebrate with the mother of all parties when they find out? Who... I mean... what was Tori Jericho doing out so late that she saw Tom leaving? And how will the eventual rumour-spreading affect the arrival of Val?
  • Ep 30: Dance Noon (PPMB, FF.net): Quinn and The Maleficent Eleven confront a new wave of oppression... misogyny from other punks? Will the might of punk law win Janet Barch victory over the school district or will dirty tricks bring her down? Will the odd alliance of Mack and The Fashion Club struggle to organise a successful school dance? And if Daria decides to do something as well, how great a mess will she create this time?
  • Ep 31: Achy, Jakey Heart (PPMB, FF.net): It's unadulterated chaos when the wandering Lanes return home... all at once! How will Jane and Trent cope? Meanwhile, the Morgendorffers are rocked, but not in a good way, when Jake suffers a near-fatal heart attack. [Originally entitled "Lanes in the Butt" to cover up the incoming heart attack]
  • Ep 32: Nuts to Work (PPMB, FF.net): Career aptitude test results are back, and they make for interesting reading to say the least. Can Quinn manage to avoid a career in petroleum dispensation and find an even suckier job? Well, that nut store in the mall is hiring...
  • Ep 33: A Headbutt of Dollars (PPMB, FF.net): Just when they are about to have a weekend to themselves, Daria and Tom have to deal with an emergency... Jane, Jake and Mystik Spiral being arrested and thrown in jail out in the middle of nowhere! With Quinn and Stacy in tow, can our intrepid heroes bail them out? Or will they be forced into a life of breaking rocks in the hot sun?
  • Ep 34: Tom's Addition (PPMB, FF.net): The already-twisted dynamic of Tom and Daria's relationship is tested when Tom befriends Astrid, a girl at Fielding. Meanwhile, Mr. DeMartino, Ms. Defoe and Mr. Ewing fight for the very future of the school as they try to stop Principal O'Neill from hiring a new Language Arts teacher.
  • Ep 35: I Don't Like Anyday (PPMB, FF.net): Thanks to a simple school shooting drill, Daria is trapped in her school, unable to use her weapon of choice (her snark) to cope. However when she finds out that The Maleficent Eleven are still on the outside, Daria decides that she has found a way to cope after all...
  • Ep 36: Occupational Hazard (PPMB, FF.net): The freakin' friends are thrown out of their depth when they are separated for an economics project. Can Daria put ideological differences aside and get the job done with Jodie? Can Jane manage to survive and not have Upchuck get the job done with her? Meanwhile, the Lawndale upper class sign their own death warrants when they "occupy" Dega Street.
  • Ep 37: CSI Don't Care (PPMB, FF.net): Someone has whacked Kevin, and it's going to take a whole lot of pain, suffering, and human contact by Daria to find out who!
  • Ep 38: Highland Lassie (PPMB, FF.net): It's a hardcore homecoming as the Morgendorffers return to Highland for the anniversary party of some old friends. What kind of chaos will ensue, especially when Daria inevitably meets up with that certain pair of idiots? And what about Lawndale? Surely nothing will happen there with the Morgendorffers out of town...
  • Ep 39: Epic F Word (PPMB, FF.net): Lawndale High has become the laughing stock of the state, and the teachers want to throw in the towel... Not on Coach Sherman's watch! With the students rallied into a frenzy, Lawndale High is on a mission to get their street cred back!
  • Ep 40: This Is No Fun (PPMB, FF.net): The mission failed. Lawndale High is closed, the future of their students is in serious doubt, and Daria has spiralled into the mother of all depressions having blamed herself for all of it. It's going to take the combined efforts of family and friends to try and get her out of her funk... but is it all for nothing?
  • Ep 41: Is It Fun Yet? (PPMB, FF.net): In the first part of a movie-length epic, Erin and Amy have been handed down the thankless task of rebuilding a shattered Daria. Can they pull it off? And how does a dangerous biological weapon end up coming into play? Meanwhile, Jane confronts her sexuality at an art retreat in Ashfield, Mr. DeMartino tries to fulfill a childhood dream (with Trent and Jake's "help") and Quinn is forced to face the scariest thing a punk can face... reality.
  • Ep 42: Combat Rock (PPMB, FF.net): In the thrilling conclusion of the series, Ashfield and Lawndale become the twin theatres of chaos as punks and pigs finally collide. Who will be left standing when the smoke clears?

Meanwhile, Sideways in Time...

This an ongoing sub-series of mini-fics where the reality is inverted, and Daria is the only punk in the Morgendorffer family. These are usually posted after the completion of a fic in the main series, and come after the Author's Notes in the collected Fanfiction.net versions.

  • Part 5 (Malled): Daria learns how her bodily fluids can be the most dangerous biological weapon of them all. (I Don't Like Anyday)
  • Part 6 (This Year's Model): Claude and Romonica learn... well... nothing. They were KO'ed as soon as they got in the door. (Occupational Hazard)
  • Part 8 (Scientific Stuff): Beavis and Butt-head are mentally incapable of learning but they're here anyway. (Highland Lassie)

Fan Tie-Ins

  • Lighting the Fuse by The Excellent S: Set after "Daria's High Score", this shows Stacy confiding in Mack and telling him about her multiple identities.
  • Fangasm by Erin Mills: Jane struggles to come to terms with the fact that her feelings for Amy might be more personal than first thought... (extended Dariarotica version here (NSFW))
  • This Is Yes Fun by Smijey: Erin's out to cheer up Daria after This Is No Fun. This will end well, right? ...right?
  • God Save The Sexy Esteem I and II by Shiva: and then so does Sexy Daria

Fan sequels and spinoffs

Differences from Canon

Pre-canon looks like this.

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

The timeline jump has caused many facets of the series to get changed:


  • Lawndale High is now more security intensive than in 1997, with extensive security camera coverage, metal detectors, drug-sniffer dogs and guards armed with tasers, all in the name of 'counter-terrorism'. Most of these features were removed once Principal Li was relieved of her duties. The school was closed after "Epic F Word" after several incidents there.
  • Sick, Sad World is now more than a TV show; it is a multimedia franchise with live PPV webcasts and a message board, which Daria regularly frequents.
  • The Mall of the Millennium is now an aging relic strangled by recession instead of the booming cutting-edge supermall it was in canon.
  • Mad Dawg's, the country/western bar in Fremont, is now a hippie bar called "Happy Dawg's".

Alternate Beavis and Butt-head

As well as having an alternate Daria, God Save The Esteem refers back to AU versions of Beavis and Butt-head episodes "Sporting Goods" and "Citizen Butt-head"; Mr. Van Driessen, rather than an aging hippie, is an aging goth in this timeline. Muddy and Dallas Grimes from "Beavis and Butt-head Do America" appear in the two-part series finale, pursuing the X-5 supervirus that was (accidentally) in Amy's possession.

Episode 7 also reveals just what Butt-head did to turn Daria off boys (from "It's a Miserable Life").


Many characters have different personality traits or histories than they do in canon:

  • Daria is largely the same as she is in canon, grudgingly accepting of her dysfunctional family. However, after the events of "Wedding Hell", she had grown increasingly disenchanted with them, so much so that she seriously considered moving out and boarding at Fielding Preparatory Academy, an idea presented to her by Grandma Barksdale. However, she turned her down, deciding to stay with the devils she knew than the ones she didn't. She doesn't openly embrace the punk lifestyle, but there have been occasions where she has used it to her advantage. Recent episodes have seen Daria become more relaxed with physical intimacy and experimentation (at least with Tom), but also more guilt-ridden as life at Lawndale High collapsed around her.
  • Quinn still has the drive to be popular in her chosen clique and dominate the field she thinks she's best at, which leads to her becoming uber punk. She swiftly formed a gang around herself, dubbed The Maleficent Eleven, out of various alternative-styled students. The group consists of Quinn, Andrea, and background characters Shaggy, Scarlett, Burnout, Slutty Girl, Angel, Spike, Dave and Shane (nicknamed "Butthead II" due to his resemblance to the original), as well as original character Koichi. Surprisingly, The M11 does not include Bob, who is not only an intelligent, well-behaved student despite his punk appearance, but actually tries to help Angel with her studies (much to the chagrin of The M11, who believe grades to be a nuisance, not a necessity). But even he can't resist a good fight sometimes... Another interesting note about Quinn is that she is the one who has a crush on Trent, not Daria, while the only one of The Three Js to have a crush on her is Jamie. In the two-part series finale, Quinn found that she had a possible career to pursue as a security guard, after Steve took her under his wing.
  • Helen still works as a lawyer, but from home instead of any private firm. She states that she used Eric Schrecter to move from Highland to Lawndale after promising to sleep with him, only to renege on that promise and quit once she had secured the house. She is more vicious against perceived enemies than in canon, sometimes (deliberately) going too far. Despite her punk beliefs, she still tries her hardest to provide for her family, even if does mean selling out to The Man at times.
  • Jake still runs his consultancy company from home, but is also involved in talent management, helping Mystik Spiral and The Harpies to get gigs and exposure. As with Helen, he's more aggressive, though more likely to become passive again after a random mood change.
  • Tom and Elsie Sloane had been forced to go to Lawndale High instead of Fielding due to the recession. This led to Tom forming a close relationship with Daria, and Elsie joining the Fashion Club as their 4th member instead of Quinn. In "Bits and Pierces", Tom admits to Daria that he will probably be going to Fielding eventually. Elsie will be as well, having left the Fashion Club towards the end of semester. By "Live Fast Die Old", they were back at Fielding.
  • Jodie Landon had Tea Party right-leaning political views, due to being raised in a right-wing house during the Presidential terms of George W. Bush. This has led to many clashes with Daria (who isn't so much politically inclined as she is just calling it like she sees it) during both class and during Daria's time at the Lawndale Lowdown (for which Jodie is editor). She is a fan of Glenn Beck, as well as a supporter of Ms. Li's stance on school security. After the events of "Wedding Hell", Jodie appeared to have lost all motivation, whether her own or from her parents, to do well in school, and briefly sought a transfer to Grove Hills, but decided to stick it out just to spite the 'rents. Her political stridency cooled and she's now capable of working with Daria on mutual interests.
  • Michael "Mack" Mackenzie is pretty much the same as he is in canon, but instead of Jodie he is dating cheerleader Angie. He is also somewhat more hostile towards Daria, given her role in exposing the grade-fixing scandal. His parents are also punks, which is something that Mack didn't discover until "Dance Noon".
  • Stacy Rowe has adopted multiple identities in addition to her normal meek Fashion Club persona. First, she adopted a punk persona named "Death Rowe" to help her survive a rough day at the Mall of the Millennium, and now uses this alias as the unofficial 12th member of The M11. Second, she adopted a 'brain' persona to test a theory about 'brains' and hot guys. This worked, as she caught the eye of Jeffy, and now dates him under this alias. Third, she adopted a masked vigilante persona after she and Jeffy were mugged at the local park. She would use abandoned paintball supplies, including a mask, to track the mugger down and deliver sweet, splattery justice. Other identities at this time include that of a British soccer player, which she uses to play as the goalkeeper for the Lawndale High girls team, and that of a Southern NASCAR fan. Neither have yet to be associated with any specific wardrobe changes. The charade has grown to the point where Stacy herself is unsure of who she is meant to be at times. In some extreme cases, the personality changes become rapid and seemingly involuntary. It would all come crashing down when she finally broke down in "Epic F Word" and temporarily entered a catatonic state. She is currently recovering at Brookside Rest Home.
  • Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer III's personality hasn't changed, but the might of 2010's internet meant he now runs his own successful pornography business, "Ultrasuave Ltd". The money he is making from sales and website hits allows him to dress in fancy suits and carry around pimp canes (even at school), as well as bribe the police into silence and inactivity.
  • Mr. DeMartino has his own blog, "The Angry Teacher", which he uses as a thinly-veiled outlet to rant about the Lawndale High hierarchy and its students. He also appears to be a lot more appreciative of Daria, offering her advice and noting her as being the only person on his blog he says positive things about. Surprisingly it is him, and not Mr. O'Neill, who ends up in a secret romance with Ms. Barch. He would step in as acting principal of Lawndale High after O'Neill's attempted suicide in "Epic F Word" until the school was forcibly shut down. In the two-part series finale, it was revealed that DeMartino wanted to be a rock star. After some "training" from Jake and Trent, he got to live out his dream.
  • Mr. O'Neill was originally exactly the same as he is canon, and this worked to his benefit as this led to him becoming the new Principal of Lawndale High after Ms. Li's grade-fixing scam was exposed. However, the stress of running the school would take its toll, leaving O'Neill more emotionally unstable than ever and ending with an attempt on his own life in "Epic F Word".
  • Amy Barksdale has continued her fascination with filming (established in Moving Pictures) and has become one of the lead reporters for Sick, Sad World, using the stage name "Awesomely Amy". She regularly visits Lawndale looking for the next big story, and is a lot closer to the Morgendorffers than she is in canon. Jane is reduced to barely audible mumbling when talking to Amy, as she is one of her biggest fans. However, she has a deeply troubled personal life, having had multiple marriages (more than even Rita), a brief lesbian affair and even an abortion. In "Wedding Hell", she tells all this to Daria in an explosive drunken outburst, destroying their relationship. She wouldn't appear again in the series until "Achy, Jakey Heart", where bigger issues cause the two to patch up.
  • Erin Chambers is lodging with the Morgendorffers to help cover their expenses. At one point, Erin held down a steady job at Landon Enterprises, where her excellent work in the sales department led to her being promoted and forming an intimate, if not kinky and disturbing, relationship with her boss Andrew. On the other hand, her ex-boyfriend Brian Danielson, who was also lodging with them for a time, had lost his job in government intelligence and had instead been 'trying' to pass his real estate exam to no success. They were engaged to be married, but the relationship ended after the events of "Wedding Hell", with Brian moving out of the Morgendorffer house and Erin descending into alcoholism. Fortunately, she got out of her rut, and she found a new job working for Buzzdome.
Never mind the bollocks, here's another punk.
  • "Mad Dog" Morgendorffer is still alive, but is just as, if not more menacing as he was described in canon. So much so, that Jake and Helen persuade Daria and Quinn to leave the house whenever he visits. Ruth meanwhile, is a lot more passive.
  • Edie Barksdale is depicted as being concerned for Daria's wellbeing, talking to her regularly over the phone. However according to Helen and Amy, this is just a ruse so that she could meddle in her life just as she had theirs, leaving Daria quite conflicted. It was revealed in "A Gran Day Out" that Edie wanted Daria to "escape the morass" and use her intelligence to get a better life by transferring to Fielding. However, this was done as more of an attempt to cleanse her soul after "failing" with Helen, Amy and Rita as it was a way of helping Daria. Eventually, Daria confronted her about this and turned down her offer. She hasn't appeared since.
  • Tommy Sherman is largely the same as he was in canon, except for the fact that he managed to survive his visit to Lawndale High. He shows resentment towards Ms. Li, as his poor grades (protected by byes) left him unable to hold down a job let alone play college football. This was a situation made worse after he lost his legs fighting in Afghanistan. Later in the series, he becomes the new football coach when Coach Gibson is fired during the fallout of the grade-fixing scandal, something Sherman himself helped expose.

Original Characters

Recurring original characters include:

  • Steve: The head security guard at Lawndale High, surname unknown to anyone. Described as a "huge mountain of meat". Takes a laid-back, almost bored approach to the increasingly ludicrous activities he had to do under Li, and is on first-name basis with the regular malcontents at school. Also works occasionally as the head guard at Crewe Neck and The Cove. Interests include beer, cool-looking security gear, porn, at least one James Joyce novel and more beer. Steve made the jump to shared character status when he turned up in RX-87's Armored Cynic Daria and then peetz5050's "One Little Thing.
  • "Foggy" Murdoch: Lawndale High's highly-stressed, hyper-neurotic, pill-popping attorney at law, dealing with their constant legal messes. He very soon gave up on assuming his clients could do anything sensible and by ep 30 he'd given up on hope and life. In contrast to Steve the security guard, his first name is unknown to anyone.
  • Jasper Ewing: Maths teacher at Lawndale High, a man so boring you'll forget he exists by the time you finish this sentence.
  • Superintendent Pascal: The superintendent from ep 23 to 41. A sneaky, blatantly corrupt man, he tried to stabilise Lawndale High and, if and when that didn't work, pin the blame on anyone else. He got the job due to some level of competency (and because the President of the Board of Education really hated him).
  • Astrid Magnus: An aristocratic Norwegian student at Fielding, who started hanging out with Tom in order to escape all the hangers-on in the school. In a running gag, she's not having an affair with him (honest!).
  • Coach Mandana Nikahd: Replacement coach for Ms. Morris. A firebrand true believer in the glory and might of sports (until Lawndale killed her love of life), from a family of sportsmen. Married. In ep 25, she accidentally mentions the great childhood trauma of coming fourth-last in Sport's Day and her family being ashamed of her.
  • Stephen Pierson-Wells II: One of Tom Sloane's friends from Fielding Prep, he appeared in ep 11 driving a Corvette XR1, is nicknamed 'Pee Wee' for undisclosed reasons and nearly suffered a nervous breakdown after being exposed to Daria's family but rallied enough to make out with Death Rowe. He only made brief appearances in the series afterward.

Fandom Nods and Concepts

God Save The Esteem makes reference to several other fanfics and fandom terms:

  • Sick, Sad Message Board members include PenguinLover, a reference to The Angst Guy.
  • Amy's stage name, "Awesomely Amy", was meant as a reference to Kara Wild's Abruptly Amy series. However, the author misremembered it as Awesomely, and the new name stuck.
  • Stacy's vigilante guise uses a paintball mask and was described as resembling "a goggle-eyes man", a reference to the villain in Jim North's horror fanfic Sleepwalker. The Goggle-Eyes Man name was itself first coined by Charles RB.
  • The idea of Tom and Elsie having an older brother named Angier Sloane II was inspired by getrealordie187's Legacy series.

It also uses several ideas from fandom:

  • Jodie and Upchuck's twists, as well as the background character of Mohammed, come from comments made by Brother Grimace and The Angst Guy in the Modern Day Daria thread.
  • Helen and Jake's friends the Mackenzies were made into Mack's parents after several posters asked if that was who they were.
  • The background character Bob appeared thanks to Backgrounders and old The Angst Guy posts at Daria Fandom Blog indicating he could be a cool character.
  • Dave was originally an original character with no visual hint except "big and ugly"; The Excellent S noted a specific backgrounder that fitted the bill, a red-mohawked footballer.

Daria Fanworks Awards

God Save The Esteem has been nominated for a total 18 awards over its lifespan, winning 10.


  • Favourite Comedy - Tied, for "And The Mall Won"
  • Favourite School-Centered - For "And The Mall Won"
  • Favourite New Series - Tied


  • Favourite Overall - For "Wedding Hell"
  • Favourite School-Centred - For "Anarchy in the Lawn-D"
  • Favourite Alternate Universe - For "Anarchy in the Lawn-D"
  • Favorite Use of a Background or Supporting Character from the Television Series - For Erin Chambers in "Wedding Hell"
  • Favorite Ongoing Series


  • Favourite Overall - for "Combat Rock"
  • Favourite Alternate Universe - for "Combat Rock"

In addition, Quiverwing's "Killer Quinn" and "Dire Daria" fanart won Favourite Visual Inspired by a Fan Written Work in both 2010 and 2011 respectively, as well as Favourite Alter-Ego in 2010.


God Save The Esteem holds the unique honor of being the very first Daria fanfic series to have a page on TV Tropes, and it's since spawned a YMMV page and leaked onto other trope pages. This may mean the fic has sold out. That's just sick, man.