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List of Daria episodes

Daria ran on MTV from March 3, 1997 to January 20, 2002. It consisted of five seasons of thirteen episodes apiece, as well as two film-length episodes.

Each episode (aside from the pilot and the two films) is given a production number of xyy, where x corresponds to the season and yy corresponds to the episode order, with zero (0) being permitted as the second digit of the three. For example, the episode with production number 101 is the first episode of Season One (Esteemsters); the episode with production number 513 is the thirteeth (and final) episode of the fifth season (Boxing Daria).


At the beginning of the third season, the decision was made to air Daria! to premiere the third season in the US, despite the production number of 307 assigned to this episode. The 301 through 305 episodes premiered after Daria!, and the rest of the new Season 3 episodes were shown in order of production number after the mid-season hiatus.


# Production Number Original Airdate Title
Unnumbered Unnumbered Unaired Sealed with a Kick
Airheaded Kevin believes Daria loves him because she let him borrow a pencil. Daria torments Kevin with displays of affection.

Season One - 1997

On MTV USA: Mondays, 10:30 PM EST

# Production Number Original US Airdate Title
1 101 March 3, 1997 Esteemsters
Daria's first day at school is made worse when she is consigned to a mandatory self-esteem class.
2 102 March 10, 1997 The Invitation
Daria attends cheerleader Brittany's party for the chance to torment her popular sister, Quinn.
3 103 March 17, 1997 College Bored
Jake and Helen Morgendorffer, fretting about college, take Daria and Quinn to visit their alma mater.
4 104 March 24, 1997 Cafe Disaffecto
Daria's teacher, Mr. O'Neill, coerces the class to raise money for a Lawndale coffeehouse.
5 105 March 31, 1997 Malled
Daria and her classmates take a field trip to a mega-mall.
6 106 April 7, 1997 This Year's Model
The Amazon Modeling Agency is invited to Lawndale High to look for new talent. Quinn hopes to be that talent.
7 107 April 14, 1997 The Lab Brat
Mrs. Barch's students are paired off for science projects; Daria gets stuck working with dumb jock Kevin.
8 108 June 9, 1997 Pinch Sitter
Daria babysits two extremely coddled children; Quinn applies her time management skills to dating.
9 109 June 16, 1997 Too Cute
A Lawndale High school student becomes more popular through plastic surgery and Quinn is convinced to do the same.
10 110 June 30, 1997 The Big House
Draconian "Family Court" rules lead to Daria and Quinn being grounded, but it's more a punishment for Jake and Helen.
11 111 July 7, 1997 Road Worrier
Daria's crush on her best friend Jane's older brother Trent is tested by humiliating circumstances on a long trip to an alternative rock festival.
12 112 July 14, 1997 The Teachings of Don Jake
Jane and Trent attend the Lane Family reunion; Daria and Quinn go out on a overnight camping trip with their parents.
13 113 July 21, 1997 The Misery Chick
When an obnoxious former jock dies an unexpected death, Daria finds students turning to her for advice on how to deal.

Season Two - 1998

On MTV USA: Mondays, 10:30 PM EST

# Production Number Original US Airdate Title
14 201 February 16, 1998 Arts 'N Crass
Daria and Jane are asked to create a poster for a contest, but the school doesn't like the message.
15 202 February 23, 1998 The Daria Hunter
Daria and her classmates take a field trip to Jim's Paintball Jungle.
16 203 March 2, 1998 Quinn the Brain
By writing one essay, Quinn gets the positive attention for being a brain that Daria never got.
17 204 March 9, 1998 I Don't
Daria and her family -- as well as Helen's sisters -- attend a wedding.
18 205 March 16, 1998 That Was Then, This is Dumb
Daria's family host hippie friends of Helen and Jake; Trent tries to sell some LPs.
19 206 March 23, 1998 Monster
Daria's class is assigned to make movies as a class project, so Daria and Jane decide to make Quinn their "star".
20 207 March 29, 1998 The New Kid
A weird new student comes to Lawndale High who likes Daria...and Daria finds herself liking him.
21 208 June 29, 1998 Gifted
The Morgendorffers and the Landons visit an exclusive private school while Quinn, who is left behind, tries to find someone to stay with.
22 209 July 6, 1998 Ill
Daria contracts a mysterious skin rash. Chaos ensues.
23 210 July 13, 1998 Fair Enough
Ms. Li organizes a Renaissance Faire -- with mandatory attendance. As Daria and Jane try to limit their involvement, Quinn auditions for the lead role in a play.
24 211 July 20, 1998 See Jane Run
Jane tries out for track to be with a cute guy, and Daria is resentful.
25 212 July 27, 1998 Pierce Me
Daria spends part of a day with secret crush Trent Lane and ends up with a pierced bellybutton.
26 213 August 3, 1998 Write Where it Hurts
Mr. O'Neill tells Daria to write a story with "moral dimensions", a task Daria finds harder than expected.

Season Three - 1999

On MTV USA: Wednesdays, 10 PM EST

# Production Number Original US Airdate Title
27 301 February 24, 1999 Through A Lens Darkly
Daria changes her glasses for contact lenses, and finds the results bothersome in more ways that one.
28 302 March 3, 1999 The Old and the Beautiful
Daria ends up helping out at a retirement home as an act of "voluntary" community service.
29 303 March 10, 1999 Depth Takes a Holiday
Daria encounters the living embodiments of holidays.
30 304 March 17, 1999 Daria Dance Party
When Quinn tries to plan a school dance, the Fashion Club abandons her and Quinn is left to do the job alone.
31 305 March 24, 1999 The Lost Girls
Mr. O'Neill submits Daria's essay to a teen magazine, and Daria enjoys the unwanted companionship of its youth-obsessed editor.
32 306 July 7, 1999 It Happened One Nut
Daria and Quinn are forced to get jobs, and Daria is stuck with Kevin as a fellow employee.
33 307 February 17, 1999 Daria!
When Daria and Jane can't make it home due to a killer rainstorm, Trent and the Morgendorffers fret. A musical episode.
34 308 July 14, 1999 Lane Miserables
Jane and Trent seek shelter with the Morgendorffers as the other members of Jane's strange family return home.
35 309 July 21, 1999 Jake of Hearts
Jake has a mild heart attack, and Helen must deal with Jake's mother. Daria has the added burden of the arrival of obnoxious rock DJs at Lawndale High.
36 310 July 28, 1999 Speedtrapped
Jane and Mystik Spiral are jailed a hundred miles from Lawndale, forcing Daria (and Quinn) on a roadtrip to bail them out.
37 311 August 4, 1999 The Lawndale File
A number of unrelated (?) events raise the general level of weirdness in Lawndale
38 312 August 11, 1999 Just Add Water
Ms. Li's latest money-raising scheme has Lawndale students attending a mandatory casino cruise.
39 313 August 18, 1999 Jane's Addition
Daria has boy problems...Trent is flaking out on helping with a school project, and Jane has a boyfriend whom Daria dislikes.

Season Four - 2000

On MTV USA: Fridays, 10 PM EST

# Production Number Original US Airdate Title
40 401 February 25, 2000 Partner's Complaint
With Daria and Jane on the outs, Daria pairs with Jodie for a class assignment.
41 402 March 3, 2000 Antisocial Climbers
Daria and Quinn are bribed into going on a school camping trip by Helen and Jake, who want to spend a romantic weekend together.
42 403 March 10, 2000 A Tree Grows in Lawndale
Kevin considers giving up football after a knee injury.
43 404 March 17, 2000 Murder, She Snored
When Mr. DeMartino suspects cheating by the football players, he threatens the entire class with Fs. Daria dreams of solving the case, TV-detective style.
44 405 March 24, 2000 The F Word/Fail
Mr. O'Neill's challenge to each of his students to find an activity they can fail threatens disaster.
45 406 April 7, 2000 I Loathe a Parade
While running an errand circumstances find Daria trapped at a homecoming parade...and unable to avoid Jane's boyfriend, Tom Sloane.
46 407 April 14, 2000 Of Human Bonding
Daria accompanies Jake on a business trip. The Fashion Club sleeps over at the Morgendorffers.
47 408 June 28, 2000 Psycho Therapy
The depths of Morgendorffer family dysfunction are plumbed at a "mental health spa".
48 409 July 5, 2000 Mart of Darkness
Lawndale students and faculty end up at a warehouse store completing separate errands.
49 410 July 12, 2000 Legends of the Mall
Tales of Lawndale horror are told by Stacy, Trent, and Jane.
50 411 July 19, 2000 Groped by an Angel
Coincidence and cable television convince Quinn that she has a guardian angel.
51 412 July 26, 2000 Fire!
A kitchen fire at the Morgendorffers forces the family to stay at a fancy hotel, and Daria to stay with Jane...where Jane suspects Tom and Daria are getting along too well.
52 413 August 2, 2000 Dye! Dye! My Darling
An increasingly paranoid Jane compels Daria to dye Jane's hair, with disastrous results. Daria and Tom talk about Jane's behavior...and end up doing more than just talk.
53 N/A (Movie) August 27, 2000 Is It Fall Yet?
Quinn works with a tutor to improve her academic record, and finds herself attracted to him. Daria is forced to work at a camp for kids by Mr. O'Neill. Jane flees the wreckage of her friendship with Daria and her relationship with Tom at an art camp, where a fellow camper seeks more than friendship.

Season Five - 2001

On MTV USA: Mondays, 10 PM EST

# Production Number Original US Airdate Title
54 501 February 19, 2001 Fizz Ed
Wackiness ensues when Ms. Li signs an endorsement contact with a cola company.
55 502 February 26, 2001 Sappy Anniversary
Daria wonders if her new boyfriend Tom is taking her for granted. Jake gets a consulting deal with an internet startup.
56 503 March 5, 2001 Fat Like Me
Sandi breaks her leg, sparking a chain of events that could spell the end of the Fashion Club.
57 504 March 12, 2001 Camp Fear
Daria attends a childhood summer camp reunion to escape work at home, but can't escape the worshipful attention of a fellow camper.
58 505 March 19, 2001 The Story of D
Daria submits a short story for publication at Tom's insistence...and gets rejected. The Fashion Club start a newsletter to raise money for a school project.
59 506 March 26, 2001 Lucky Strike
When Lawndale High's faculty goes on strike, Daria finds herself teaching Quinn's English class.
60 507 April 2, 2001 Art Burn
Jane's job painting reproductions to raise money to repair the Lane "naming gazebo" begins to take priority over her original work.
61 508 May 21, 2001 One J at a Time
When Helen indicates that Daria's having a steady boyfriend is a sign of maturity, Quinn seeks out her own steady.
62 509 May 28, 2001 Life in the Past Lane
Neither Daria nor Tom like Jane's new nostalgia-obsessed boyfriend. Stacy participates in Upchuck's magic act, to the dismay of the Fashion Club.
63 510 June 4, 2001 Aunt Nauseam
Not even a visit from Aunt Amy can prevent discord between the Barksdale sisters, as Helen and Aunt Rita work out the terms of the divorce of Rita's daughter.
64 511 June 11, 2001 Prize Fighters
Jodie, Daria, and Upchuck compete over a $10,000 scholarship, and Jane and Tom are unhappy with Daria's participation...for different reasons.
65 512 June 18, 2001 My Night at Daria's
A rumor starts at school that Daria was caught having sex with her boyfriend, Tom. The two must decide if they want to consummate their relationship.
66 513 June 25, 2001 Boxing Daria
Daria becomes obsessed with sitting in a large cardboard box...and revisits some unhappy memories.
67 N/A (Movie) January 21, 2002 Is It College Yet?
Daria's future with Tom might depend on if they are accepted to the same elite college. Jane is turned down by both her choices, and she ponders whether she wants to go at all.