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Secrets of Lawndale

Secrets of Lawndale is an Alternate Universe series which takes place throughout various parts of the series, including before and after the series ends.

In it, various characters (not all) are sub-human creatures such as vampires, werewolves, or ghosts all trying to live as humans in Lawndale among humans and each other.

The Stories

Sandi and the Curse of Something is the first in the series and features the tale of Sandi Griffin and the events that follow after a strange animal attack.

Holy Image of Lies is a song fic based on the Sum 41 song by the same title. It ventures into the past of Janet Barch and how she came to Lawndale.

Blessings of the Moon is a fanfiction about the events that follow after Sandi decides to scratch Stacy, which to Sandi's surprise awakens an age old curse that had been locked away for years.

Nick's Funtime Heroin Adventure is a first person fanfiction about the lethal drug overdose that takes the life of Nicholas Campbell and introduces him to a world he never knew existed.

Jane's Addition (The Alternate Version) details the madness that occurs when Jane Lane meets future boyfriend, and Vampire, Tom Sloane.

Breakfast in Bed is a one-shot fanfiction written by Smileyfax and shows the morning after a full moon with Tom and Susie Rowe.

My Bite at Daria's is a one-shot Iron Chef response written by Smileyfax. Tom spends the night at Daria's.

Scarlett on the Prowl is a one-shot Iron Chef response written by Shiva. Scarlett (character)'s doing exactly what the title says.


The fanfictions mostly incorporate various characters from the series. Every story is about different characters or situations they might get into depending on what they are and who they are.

The Lane Family

The Lanes are a human family of Vampire Hunters with a name that goes down in history as a violent group of people known for eradicating many monsters, beasts, and creatures from all over the world... however one portion of the family found that everyone should be given a chance and only those with malice in their souls should be killed.

Jane Lane is a typical vampire hunter who doesn't really give a crap about the whole vampire hunting world. She has knowledge and talent when it comes to associating with the undead but finds them to be just as much fun as anyone else. Also just as stupid.

Trent Lane is the frontman of Mystik Spiral a band that looks like a normal band on the outside but is actually a team filled with crazy idiot monsters trying to be a normal band and tour like anyone else. They also work like detectives in solving mysteries that go down, as long as it doesn't interrupt with what they're doing.

Wind Lane is a hunter with an extensive knowledge of demons who can't hold down a relationship to save his life. Why? He's constantly falling for sub-human creatures which include Katie a Succubus, Claudia a Werecat, and Sheila a Kelpie. (his first wife was a human however - when they divorced he swore off humans for ever).

Mystik Spiral

Mystik Spiral is a half band/half team of monsters that fight other monsters, solve mysteries, suck at music, and cause more harm than good. They are pretty much just good for playing music and giving rides in the Tank.

Jesse Moreno is the rhythm guitarist of the band. He is also a werewolf who, with his mother, came to Lawndale to get away from the harshness of discrimination. He writes a few of the of the songs for Mystik Spiral, including Every Dog Has His Day and Every Dog Has His Way (the audition song used in the Mystik Spiral Spin-Off).

Max Tyler is the drummer for the band. He's a coward by nature but has no problem giving a tough show despite this. He's not great at writing songs but is the best drummer Spiral will ever have. He's a vampire. Aside from being the owner of the Tank and a great drummer, he's pretty useless.

Nicholas Campbell is bassist and handyman for the band. He met up with Spiral weeks after he died while walking along side the road trying to hitch a ride or be seen by someone (or anyone). He died of drug overdose in 1995 and later found his way towards Lawndale with the aide of Mystik Spiral. Despite he's dead, he still feels it to be a responsibility to take care of his daughter and girlfriend he left and sends them money nearly every time he gets it. He is a Vrykolakas. (Vrykolakas are (according to this AU only, really) the living dead, a near cross between a ghost and a vampire, these spectral monsters have most of the powers a ghost would but the weaknesses of a vampire. They tend to be able to become spectral at will. They can eat regular food and do not need blood to survive, however the sun is super lethal to them. If they knock once on your door and you answer, they become enthralled the next time they fall asleep and essentially sleepwalk to that person and kill them.)


This is a list of characters known to be vampires in the series thus far and have made an appearance. Vampires are the living dead. Basically they're the whole, "Yeah, we're like Dracula, we need blood to live, sun isn't our friend, etc." kind of vampires. They can eat regular food but it can't sustain them any amount of food like blood from the living can. Vampires can live about five days before slipping into a coma from lack of blood. The longer they go without blood, the less 'mentally balanced' they are. They posses super strength and speed and immortality. They do not sparkle in the sun.

Tom Sloane and his entire family are vampires and a powerful vampire clan. They're rich, well educated, and know what they're doing. It's mentioned in Jane's Addition (the alternate version) that the family has human blood readily available at their house. This might infer that they have human thralls/cattle or drink from blood donations. He is also unskilled at finding blood. It is unknown how old Tom is in the series but he says he fought in World War II... or at least experienced a portion of it.

Diane Bennett is a the Economics Teacher at Lawndale. She helps welcome newcomers to Lawndale and helps them get situated in new lives. She acts as a parent or guardian to help those in distress.

Herbert Bennett is the husband of Diane and chief of the Lawndale Police. If there is a mess, he cleans it up.


This is a list of characters known to be werewolves and have made an appearance. Werewolves are still alive, but their life span is nearly double that of an average human. They age slower and tend to be stronger, faster, and more cunning than average humans. While they blend in with humans almost perfectly, they still have difficulty fitting in with normal society, due to a feeling of 'being different'. They tend to remain to themselves or in their family/pack and rarely associate out of it.

Janet Barch is the Science Teacher at Lawndale. She came to Lawndale after she survived a werewolf attack during college.

Sandi Griffin is the moronic president of the Fashion Club. Turned into a werewolf at the start of the series by a rogue werewolf, she tries to resume living a normal life and keeping her secrets safe... the best she can. The problem is, she's not the sharpest tack in the box.

Dr. Phillips is a doctor at the Cedars of Lawndale hospital. He is mentioned to be a relative of the Rowe family.

Susie Rowe and the Rowe family, including Stacy are a powerful werewolf pack that calls Lawndale their home. They're a fairly normal family, aside from being werewolves... For a majority of her life, Stacy was cured of Lycanthropy due to a curse that had been passed through her family and because of this didn't know her family were werewolves, at all.


Ghosts are humans that have succumbed to death before their time. It means they've not lived life to their fullest at their time of death and thus have to make up for it in the after life. Ghosts have no extreme power over other life force. If they are strong enough they can move, pick-up, and carry objects, as well as possess living life forms [if they have enough will power and strength and the person they're trying to possess is weak enough, mentally and physically. (It's very hard to do so they rarely do it.)]

Tommy Sherman the ex-star Quarterback may be dead but that doesn't mean he's gone! Living at Lawndale High under a spoken contract made with Mrs. Bennett, he keeps the school safe from chaos like a guardian of some sort. He also likes to hang out in the girl's locker room and bathroom.


Sam Griffin and Chris Griffin, after coming to find out their sister is a werewolf, decide that together they will solve mysteries and find out who's what in Lawndale. Sam with his baseball bat and Chris with a camera, these two idiots are capable of total destruction... of themselves.

Rivalries and Feuds

Werewolf vs Vampires

A common thing in a lot of stories is that werewolves and vampires don't get along. This fanfiction series is no exception. Well, that aside... Werewolf blood is extremely toxic to vampires. While it wont kill them, they can't taste the difference and they can't tell it's any different until the vampire is choking on the ground, struggling to get up. [Which gives a great opportunity for the werewolf to strike back]. Also the bite of a werewolf is lethal. While it doesn't cause instant death it acts as a poison that slowly rots the Vampire's brain...