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Sexy Daria

Sexy Daria is an ongoing alternate universe created by Shiva in which Daria Morgendorffer made the choice to use her looks to full advantage when she was younger, thus becoming the most popular girl in Highland and now in Lawndale.

"Sexy Daria" by peetz5050


In Sexy Daria, Daria arrives in Lawndale and quickly becomes the most popular and desired girl in school, the boys love her, the girls either hate her, want to be her, or both. Her family life however is even worse than in Canon, and though Daria has already effectively beaten Quinn on the battlefield of popularity, she is far from finished in making her younger sister miserable.

In terms of real friends, Daria quickly bonds with artist Jane Lane and the other new girl Scarlett LeVey, who comes with a few surprises.

The stories themselves do not contain explicit material, as they are published at the PPMB.


  • Sexesteemsters (PPMB FF.net): Daria Morgendorffer shows up at Lawndale as a Sex Goddess with a brain, Lawndale was never the same.
  • Sex and the Mall (PPMB FF.net): Ms. Bennett drags her class to the Mall, Karma gives Quinn a brutal beating, and while Daria gets ready for a big date (and a second shot at a power hookup), Scarlett thinks she might have met someone...
  • Sexy Cute Models (PPMB FF.net): The arrival of the Amazon Modeling Agency coincides with LHS's latest trends, plastic surgery and parties at Jane's.
  • Lab Lockdown Sex (PPMB FF.net): While Quinn is grounded, Daria and Mack are assigned together for a lab project, with the sexual tension running high, and with the teachers gearing up for a grudge match against the local Radio DJ's in a Roller Hockey game, the fireworks that result set the stage for the lowest low between Daria and her family.
  • Sexy Runaway {PPMB FF.net): Daria is living on the Lamb, crashing with friends, and seemingly wild and free. In fact Daria is trying to hold it together while everything slowly falls apart. While Quinn finds the all elusive clue, Sandi hits her own rock-bottom, and will Skylar's new trust issues mark the end of 'Skyaria'?
  • The Misery Sex PPMB: New and Ongoing!

Fan spinoffs

  • Problem Child PPMB by Wouter: A spin off comic done by Wouter where the worlds of canon Daria and Sexy Daria are placed along side each other. New and on going.
"Sexy Daria" in "Problem Child by Wouter.
  • God Save the Sexy Esteem I & II by Shiva: God Save The Esteem/Sexy Daria crossover.

Differences from Canon

Warning Will Contain some spoilers!!!


  • Daria is in physical appearance quite different from canon, she dresses very provocatively, has cherry tattoos on her breasts, an Alice in Wonderland pinup on her lower back, a dangling belly button piercing along with her ears, a breathy seductive voice, and an uncanny ability to bend people to her will using only her looks. However beneath the surface is a highly developed intelligent mind and Daria knows how to use both to get whatever she wants.
  • Quinn has an even more contentious relationship with Daria than in canon, however in terms being able to fight back she has been massively outflanked by her older, smarter sister and often runs off to cry her eyes out. After Sandi's downfall, she took over the Fashion Club until it self-destructed and Li cut off it's funding.
  • Helen and Jake are even more emotionally disconnected from their older daughter and are just as clueless about it.
  • Jane Lane met Daria during Esteem Class and quickly revealed herself to be on the same wavelength, she's an emerging artist who lives in severe parental neglect with her brother Trent.
  • Scarlett LeVey catches Daria's eye on the first day of school during the student tour, she's a practicing Wiccan who lives with her Aunt and pet mouse Roger since her parents died when she was little.
  • Jackie Wentworth attaches herself to Daria after talking to her at a party at Jane's and wants to learn how Daria is both classy and sexy.
  • Brooke Crest asks for Daria's advice on plastic surgery and after being saved from having her nose collapse, bonds with Daria and becomes a fast friend.
  • Evan runs into Daria during a jog and is attracted to her secret athleticism, and Daria finds herself physically attracted as well.
  • Mack and Jodie both were utterly enamored with Daria at first sight and were busted at Brittany's party making out with Daria at the same time, later they had a ménage à trois with her, however the threesome was broken off later when Jodie decided to break ranks with her parents and put real effort into dating Mack.
  • Robert has like the other guys at Lawndale developed a serious crush on Daria, but unlike most other guys he has managed to impress Daria with his politeness, even if she finds his hazy memory to be a bit of a deal breaker at the moment.
  • Ronnie White was almost roped into handling Quinn's babysitting job until he saw right through the act, later he was used to set up the Skylar/Daria date and bumped into Scarlett and began to date her soon after.
  • Sandi Griffin lost her social status and control of the Fashion Club after her nose job fell apart in front of the entire school, is coping with the stress of having become a pariah by self-harming.
  • Skylar Feldman went out with Daria after she stole him out underneath Quinn and with Daria's support signed up for Drama Club and became her first serious boyfriend at Lawndale High.
  • Tori Jericho Lawndale's resident gossip Quinn was a member of the Fashion Club after Sandi was kicked out, but when Daria clued her in prior to it's destruction, cut a deal to help Daria in exchange for retaining her status as a popular girl.
  • The Three J's mutual crush is on Daria, not Quinn, however Daria has already decided that more than just making them useful, she's going to make them into better people, and they have become friends with Charles. Even while crushing on Daria, they have each begun to see other girls since Daria is dating Skylar.