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Daria fanfic author. Also known as smk, SMK, SmK, sMk, smK, and Esmeralda. Chose her name because it sounded like a kiss in a Trent/DeMartino shipper.

She's the soul of wit and intelligence all wrapped up in a smokin' hot package. Also, she has a really sharp pitchfork . . . like, diamond tipped or something. Makes fun of other authors' mistakes, usually TAG's.

She also hates Trent/Daria shippers but only dislikes Daria/Trent ones.

Likes to psychoanalyze people she has never met. Usually correct. Hasn't made any noteworthy contributions to fandom, just kinda showed up one day. Interchangeable with many other Daria fans who also do not stick out. Not nearly as cool as cynigal. Many times cooler than watching a National Geographic special on "Our Friend, the Muskrat."

Told people on PPMB they could edit her page on DariaWiki. Possibly regretting that about now.

Not smk

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