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Sony Music Video

Sony Music Video was the home video unit of Sony Music Entertainment. While most of the SMV catalog consisted of music videos, concerts and other music material, SMV also dabbled in non-music content. Until Paramount Pictures (acquired in 1996 by the former Viacom) gained MTV's home video rights, they were held by SMV, which released two Daria VHS tapes in the United States:

Daria (1997)

Daria vhs.jpg This tape contained "Esteemsters", "The Invitation" and "College Bored". The bonus feature on the tape was the world premiere of the Daria pilot, "Sealed with a Kick".

Daria: Disenfranchised (1999)

Daria disenfranchised vhs.jpg This tape contained "Cafe Disaffecto", "Malled", "This Year's Model" and "The Lab Brat".